Karim Rashid builds eco-futuristic Komb House in Cairo

by ruchi

An artist by the name Karim Rashid has put together an amazing light structure which is characterized by the industry’s most cutting-edge eco technology without a trace of compromise on its ‘wow’ factor. Hailed as Komb House, this creation was staged in Cairo last year and is powered by renewable energy resources. It receives heat from the radiant flooring and features a concoction of the most energy efficient appliances available on the market.

Feast on the images below that show an array of pepped up lighting accessories with the ‘ecologically-friendly’ quotient up their sleeves. LEDs have been primarily used across all the creations to ensure bright lighting and energy efficiency requirements. Solar power is used to heat water whereas the beautiful kinetic art sculpture works to harness the wind energy. We don’t know if Karim Rashid intends to make these for commercial purposes but we’ll keep you updates we happen to hear something.
[Green Prophet]

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