Kamameter 3 straight from Pimp my PC

by Dhiram Shah

The Kamameter is a must have for any LAN Party freak. It is actually a LCD panel to be attached to your rig’s 5 inch panel. With the panel you can control the Fan speed, temperature and volume and all this information is displayed in analog styled meters. Your current settings are stored in the EEPROM of the unit so next time you power on the PC the same settings are restored. The Kamameter 3 also has a warning system where an alarm is sounded if the fan speed or temperature crosses the normal or set limit. The back light of the LCD has a choice of 7 colors including green, blue and purple which can be changed by a knob.

The Kamameter 3 is a Japan only product and available in the streets of Akihabara for 4800 Yen ($ 41)

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