K5 Knighscope Security Guard Robot can be rented at $6.25 per hour

by Shruti Shree

Just a few days ago we told you about the deployment of Dalek lookalike K5 Knightscope Security Robots in Microsoft Campus. The K5 Knightscope has got a great response and soon the people at Microsoft will see many more keeping a watch on the campus and them. Infact, if you want one you can get one for $6.25 per hour. People at Microsoft could preorder the K5 from MaaS (Machine-as-a-Service). Some selected people at Microsoft could also hire the security robots 24/7 for one, two or three year terms. Knightscope has been a huge success and its crowdfunding has raised $5.2 million in Series A financing, more than what they needed. Knightscope said that they will use the collected funds for deploying more robots in Silicon Valley and they will also work towards the technical advancement of Knightcsope.

silicon-valley-security-bot-2Knightscope’s biggest investor is NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc. (Japan’s largest mobile services provider), other major investors include Electronic services company Flextronics and technology firm Konica Minolta, Inc. That’s two Japanese companies; no one can argue about the Japanese’s love for robots. The CEO of Knightcope William Santana Li said that Knightscope will soon be seen at public places as security where human security is unavailable or places where it is dangerous for humans to work.

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