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JVC XA-AW33 floating MP3 player

by Dhiram Shah

JVC Japan has announced the XA-AW33 a waterproof MP3 player. This cone shaped DAP floats around in the tub playing your favourite tunes so you can relax after a hard day’s work. It incorporates a flat speaker made using NXT technology which is pretty cool as the speaker vibrates along with the music thus producing ripples in the water in conjuction with a blue LED which sync with the music to deliver a soothing effect. Coming to the technical part it has 256MB of internal memory and can play MP3, WMA and WMA (DRM) files and comes preloaded with soft Jazz music. It connects via USB 1.1 and is powered by 4 x AAA batteries which is good for 15 hours of playback.

JVC XA-AW33 floating MP3 player is available in Japan only for 19,800 Yen ($ 170), and will be available in limited numbers.

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