JVC Unveils 3 new Bar Speakers With TV Stand for iOS Gadgets

by ruchi

Victor-JVC has recently announced a series of 3 new portable bar speakers for iPhone, called the TH-BC1, TH-BC2 and TH-BC3. This isn’t the first time the company has unveiled an array of products patronizing iPhone and iPad. These new bar speakers are seated on an adjustable TV stand height of which can be adjusted to suit your needs. Of all three, TH-BC2/3 double as a dock for a variety of iOS devices including iPad.

TH-BC3 ($434) is a high-end model with HDMI support where as BC1 ($277) is a rather mellowed down speaker set sans any syncing capabilities with Apple’s devices. BC2 ($313) has a little of both worlds, owing to its entry level device with iPhone/iPod compatibility. Yet again these are only for Japanses folks and we don’t how soon there is going to be a debut of this elsewhere.