JVC new HD Everios feature AVCHD, CMOS

by yogesh

JVC’s latest hard-disk-based HD camcorders will support AVCHD plus the MPEG-2 formats. This is a good thing because it provides you with more flexibility in your video-editing options and allows it to deliver high bitrate video beyond the 24Mbps maximum for AVCHD. The camcorders also include FireWire (i.Link) interfaces, for dealing with MPEG-2’s HDV-compatible datastream. In the lineup are 3 new models that also include new CMOS chips.

The image sensors used in the new HD Everio line are newly developed small size but high resolution 1/3″ and 1/4.5″ CMOS chips. This CMOS uses proprietary interpolation technology based on what JVC developed for its 3CCD cameras. This algorithm makes it possible to generate virtual pixel data from the red, green and blue physical pixels, thereby providing image information that actually surpasses what’s required for 1920 x 1080 Full HD imaging, or for 1440 x 1080 imaging in the GZ-HD10.
This is what to expect from the 3 new models JVC HD Everios (they will be out by August):
The GZ-HD40 comes bundled with a docking station.