JVC Kenwood launches their premium In-Ear “HA-FX1100” earphones

by Shruti Shree

In today’s highly stressful lives, good music plays a vital role in calming our nerves down. Since, most of us are usually out of the house earning a living for ourselves, listening to music often happens on our smartphones or portable device. JVC Kenwood have launched their latest very fine quality In-Ear headphones “HA-FX1100”, so that you can enjoy the de-stressing music anytime, anywhere from your portable music device. The JVC Kenwood In-Ear “HA-FX1100” is the best model of the wooden earphones with sound quality better than the previous models. The earphones like the earlier versions have a wood ring absorber for natural sound which helps in absorbing any disturbances and unnecessary vibrations. The new braided cable is made up of high purity oxygen-free copper of 6N (OFC). A solder has been used for signal transmission from input plug to the unit that delivers sound with excellent acoustic properties. The output sound pressure level is 106dB / 1mW, playback frequency band is high resolution supported by 6Hz ~ 45kHz and the Impedance is 16Ω.

jvc-kenwood-fx1100-earphones-2In the front of the diaphragm there are new ring shaped wooden diffusers which diffuse the sound much more naturally and smoothly. Also, the wooden rings are placed with the brass rings which further help in absorbing unwanted vibration transmission. The earpiece has a dimple like the one in golf ball to diffuse the reflect sound and supress the turbidity sound. The earphones can fit anyone as they come in all sizes Size S, MS, M, ML. A pair will be available starting from December for a price of 53,000 yens.