JVC introduces two new premium headphones with ‘Live Beat’ for high quality Bass

by Sayan Chakravarty

Every headphone user yearns for a good bass reproduction from their headsets, well there’s some good news! JVC Kenwood, Japan, has come up with 2 all new headphones with its “Live Beat” technology to recreate mind-numbing “Boom”. HA-SZ2000 and HA-SZ1000, which will be available by end of May, are priced at 35,000 and 25,000 yen respectively ($350 and $250). It shares similar tech with JVC’s popular FXZ series earphones, stream woofer DB (double bass reflex) used in the headphone– to save you the geeky bit of explanation—produces perfect Bass output in the High and Mid range.

Both the headphones produce heavy bass, but most importantly without destroying or tampering with low frequency sounds. With these two headphones JVC plans to increase its market share across the world, and it definitely has the potential to do it. It might not look flashy (but none of the JVC products do), but on paper seems to be a great buy. So all the headphone buyers looking for a Home-theatre like sound in their headphones then look no further!





[Via – Watch-Impress]