Jet powered motorcycle clocks 200 mph and could be worlds fastest

by Dhiram Shah

I remember that song that went, “I’m still 500 miles away from home”. Well, the distance won’t really seem to matter now that this cool new bike has showed up. Its claim is as tall as it is long – 200 mph in 7.887 seconds. The bike is housed on a couple of jet powered engines that are used to maneuver cruise missiles. So you can well expect one hell-a-va blast. For those who want to dive into the specifics, the jet turbine engines are J402-CA-702 Model 373. Each of the engines care capable of pumping up 1000 pounds of thrust. If you are planning to pick one of these for your next trip to grammas place, then better make sure that you remember to start braking well in advance, else that old heritage villa will be toast.

The bike’s got the looks as well. The handle is made to look like the head of an eagle. I can imagine that darting at 200 MPH on a warm sunny morning.

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