Jeans Vending machine for tired travelers

by shilpa

A while ago, we saw a vending machine where you can get a pizza done in three minutes. This one is quite interesting. It is a vending machine for jeans for people who are on the go and are too jet lagged and want to look clean and fresh. This was the idea of Hamburg based Closed jeans who set up a vending machine in Florence, Italy to test how it is accepted. Once they see that it is going well, they will introduce it across train stations in Europe.

The idea seems brilliantly convenient but … jeans? Really? It is not rocket science that finding a jeans that fits well is very difficult. So every time you buy one pair and check if it fits, and if it won’t you can’t really stuff it back in, can you? You have to keep taking out jeans until you find the right one. Money doesn’t grow on trees for many people, they should know. It must be good for people who normally wear Closed jeans as they would be aware of their size and fit. This world is filled with random individuals.