JBL Unveils 3 Cradle Audio Systems for iPhone and iPod

by ruchi

JBL has long given the world a feature-rich collection of their top notch audio products. Smitten by the on-going iOS bug, the company has unveiled a range of 3 cradle audio systems for iPod and iPhone i.e. JBL SAS101, JBL SAS101 MWX and JBL SAS101 MBK. The models differ with respect to the speaker specifications. If one had to keep their amazingly prolific sound capabilities aside, these systems function more or less as docking stations. It can juice up the docked iPod and iPhone, and give remote control access to your music stash. The compatibility here isn’t universal. Leaving some ‘old’ models, it can connect to almost all flavors of iPod and iPhone. I wonder why iPad was not included here.

The audio system here is controlled via a front touch panel. It houses a CD player right in the middle section. Other add-on features include alarm clock, sleep, timer off and radio. These are expected to hit the retail shelves in February this year for a starting price of US$1,698.