JBL Control Now AW loudspeaker series

by yogesh

Here’s the news on JBL’s Control Now AW loudspeaker series that offer a considerable amount of flexibility for custom audio installation, both inside and outside the home. The two-way, dual 4-inch loudspeakers are intended to function as bookshelf, wall-mount, or corner-mount speakers and can even be set up in semi-circles and full loops to perfect sound support throughout a room or area. The 8-Ohm speakers offer a frequency response from 80 Hz to 30 KHz, and can handle up to 300 Watts at peak, although 150 Watts is a more realistic maximum power. The speakers offer an integrated 2000 Hz crossover that divides the work between the main drivers and the 3/4-inch high-frequency horn, and they feature removable push terminals for connecting speaker cabling.

JBL’s new Control Now loudspeakers are also available with wall bracket hardware, floor-standing adapters, and adhesive bracket covers. Available in 2 colors (black indoor model and a white outdoor model), the white units are designed for all weather use; however JBL warns they aren’t waterproof and should be shielded from rain, snow, and other direct moisture. The indoor unit will sell for $249 each, while the outdoor versions are at $279 each. Both should be available in late June.