Japan’s maid café “Cafe Rottenmeier” at Ikebukuro takes on new persona with character from Heidi, Girl of the Alps story

by Shayne Rana

Japan is quite famous for themed restaurants and the latest is one that will definitely make you think of good old home cooking even if it tastes nothing like it. Maid Café, that’s already quite popular in Japan has taken on a slightly new persona at the Festival Tokyo in Ikebukuro. They’ve gone with a Heidi theme and the waitresses and dancers alike are all dressed up from head to toe to with custom-made dresses and wigs to look like Clara’s strict housekeeper from “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”. “Cafe Rottenmeier” has a total of 29 granny maids aged between 24 to 77. They even serve food in 19 century European style plates and utensils on 19 century European style table cloth. That’s just a little too weird for me.

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