Japan”s WalkCar transportation device fits in your laptop bag

by Gareth Mankoo

Portability has been a problem for everyone, especially when it comes to personal transportation devices. Some may have qualms about the storage and accommodation of a Segway as well. Which is why we needed something smaller to impress us. This stunning invention by Kuniaki Sato from Japan’s Cocoa Motors does just what a Segway can with the only difference being that it slides right into your laptop bag. Called the WalkCar, this compact aluminum platform measures as much as a laptop and can carry a person to a distance of 12 kilometers. The controls for navigation are similar to a Segway. The braking system is pretty cool as well as all you have to do to avoid a sudden collision is disembark the tiny craft.

The inspiration to create this was drawn from the need to prove to the world that Japan still leads exceptional innovation. They even named it the WalkCar, which sounds similar to the Walkman from Sony. The only shortcoming here would be the need to move on incredibly flat and crater-free surfaces. As per Kickstarter, it will set one back by $800.

[Via – Core77]

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