Japan’s KURATAS robot priced at $1.35mn fetches over 3,000 orders

by Gareth Mankoo

It may be touted as the world’s first purchasable mobile suit-cum-robot but there hasn’t been anything short of a demand for the KURATAS. If you’ve got money to splurge then the world’s filled with promising purchases in the pipeline. The latest being the amazing KURATAS robot that works with a driver inside it. YOu could simulate an Avatar like situation as you tread the streets with dominance and power. The developer, Kurata, designed this impress a Middle Eastern prince and on succeeding in this effort, went on to impress regular purchasers with this innovation. The KURATAS is customization with weapons and parts that can be purchased from the Suidobashi Heavy Industry website. The 4-meter tall robot has two hands and four wheeled feet and weighs 4.5 tons. The robot can be controlled with a touch-panel device or from the very cockpit in its being.

The KURATAS was priced at a hefty $1.35 million in stock condition. This didn’t stop the human greed to own it with a staggering 3,000 orders placed for it already. The handgun for the KURATAS costs $70,000, a carbon shield costs $75,000 and a drink holder for your cockpit costs $100. No one’s going to stop you for drinking and driving anyway.