Japan’s KDDI leverages drone to bring connectivity to remote areas

by Gareth Mankoo

Unmanned, independent and increasingly headlines-worthy, the drones are coming to claim our lives and make us absolutely dependent on them. The KDDI R&D Laboratories have tested a drone that actually does the most obvious thing in the case of a marooned person. It brings Wi-Fi connectivity to them, thus enabling them to connect with the geography from where they expect rescue. The drone is equipped with a communication device and a small Wi-Fi server that connects the device. Thanks to email storage, those afflicted in times of natural calamities can send messages across to others. When the device is accessed a dedicated email address is issues and the message has to be composed and transmitted through a dedicated app.

This could be a revolutionary development in the field of rescue operations. The perception of drones is gradually changing from nuisances to life-savers.


[ Via : Kddilabs ]

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