Japan’s found a way to muffle embarrassing toilet sounds

by Gareth Mankoo

Our bodies could well be our biggest enemy by going all out and expressing its dominance over our control and self-respect. This happens oftentimes when we’re relieving ourselves and the toilet suddenly turns into a chamber of embarrassment. The sounds our bodies emit may not be in our control, in all cases, and with knowledge of someone standing outside the door, imagining your super ripper, it’s all so embarrassing. So, we turn to see how the Japanese deal with this, like the way the deal with most other things in life. It comes to pass that they have devised a contraption that creates the sound of running water to muffle your farts and bowel explosions.

Japan muffle embarrassing toilet sounds 4
This is a pleasing proposition. It is small, compact and easily attachable. At 80 dB you can be sure that even the noisy ones are well buried beneath the sound of flowing water. Then again, why just flowing water? Couldn’t we have a war, chainsaw, Tyrannosaurus Rex or howling wolf sound as well? That would be fun, no?
Japan muffle embarrassing toilet sounds 3

Japan muffle embarrassing toilet sounds 7

[Via – Kaden watch impress]

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