Japanese vibrating gadget can simulate the pseudo experience of being shot

by ruchi

Life-like experience is the essence of all tech products that are being cranked up these days. From 3D entertainment to motion gaming, we want to feel whatever we see or hear. The tech wonderland of Japan has surprised again with these wearable vibrators which will realize your dream of feeling the character you play in the games.

The vibrating gadget is has been made by the folks at the University of Electro-Communications and has used the concept of “phantom sensation” here. The device here will simulate the feeling of an object passing through your body-simply put it, this will create the feeling of being shot!
This works by strapping two vibrating motors to the top and bottom of your hand and the sensations are created by carefully changing the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. The research is optimistic that if the motors can get cranked up high, they can even simulate the feeling of being shot or stabbed. Check out the above video to get a better idea of what these guys are aiming to achieve.