Japanese urinals go water-free

by yogesh

Before you screw-up your nose into a disgusted look, here the story out pal. The Nankai Electric Railway Co. has introduced water-free urinals at 18 men’s toilets in stations along its lines. The reason for going green is to save 22,000 tons of water and about 6 million yen in utility bills. Apparently the urinals are covered in a low friction material that ensures condensation does not build up on them, hence eliminating the need to flush after use. “Water is a limited resource. We want to gradually increase the number of stations that have these urinals,” a Nankai spokesman said.

Urine deposited into the urinals flows into special cartridges that help reduce odors. They also claim that the water-free urinals are cleaned out in a manner more hygienic than typical water-flush systems.

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