Japanese Tees Spill Out Of Vending Machines

by Dhiram Shah

This may sound a bit crazy, but then vending machines these days spit out everything from chewing gum to contraceptives to iPods. If this has you spellbound then read on. Certain Astro boy T-shirts have been bottled up neatly somewhere in Japan and are spat out as customers demand for them. The company calls these bottles as tubes. Basically, this is a vending machine with a difference; a huge difference I should say. So anyone who chases the freakiest shopping outlet around the world, get yourself tickets to Japan and find your way to the already over-popular UNIQLO UT out there. An amazing series of photographs on the company’s site leaves me spellbound at the end of it all.

What some people won’t do. Or should I say – what some nations won’t yield to. For those who are disgusted with the idea – forgive them, they love vending machines.
Via – Gizmodude

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