Japanese restaurant gives away a free drink if you walk in with a plastic boyfriend or girlfriend

by ruchi

People who can’t find love that easily resort to other means- just like the story we told you where an Australian woman promised to give away an iPad to anybody who helps her find Mr. Right. And then you have virtual dating and life-size dolls to fill up that ‘special’ place in your life. Mammoth Curry restaurant in Japan is running the ‘Tanabata’ event for couples, which is supposed to be the country’s most romantic festival. As part of their promotion, it lets you order one lady’s plate of curry free of charge. And here comes the amazing part. Even if your better half isn’t a real person, you are still entitled to the privileges on the promotion. They replace the curry with one free drink in case your partner is virtual or plastic.

The restaurant is also encouraging the trend wherein it is presently running a special figure campaign. Anybody who walks in with a plastic boyfriend or girlfriend figures will get a free drink. And carrying it alone is not enough; you have to actually keep it on the table.

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