Japanese Prof. designs exo-suit for old farmers to give them 62% more strength for plucking those grapes

by Shayne Rana

The Japanese are known for technology that’s deigned to make every aspect of their lives less tedious. They’ve even got a solution for the farmers who’ve reached those advanced years in life and who might have problems body-wise, while tending to their fields etc. So guess what they’ve got going for them now? Something I’ll bet we wish we could have as young as some of us may be, a motorized motorized exoskeleton that can boost your strength by 62 percent, just like in the movies. Designed by Prof. Shigeki Toyama, from Tokyo Agriculture and Technology (TAT) University this suit come loaded with an array of goodies that include movement-detecting sensors, voice recognition, and eight electric motors to straighten the farmers’ postures and ease the pressure on their joints. These exoskeletons will possibly go into production by the end of the year there’s no telling what the price is, but you know the military forces ain’t gonna use this for no grape picking.


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