Japanese P2P virus publishes browser history and holds it hostage if you search for porn, pay up or face the embarrassing consequences

by Shayne Rana

The Japanese love their technology, sushi and hentai porn. But for users of a popular Japanese P2P program called Winny, things are getting a bit freak. A new morally upright, for lack for a better term, virus is causing a bit of strife for the P2P program users. If they search for any kind of hentia, a pop-up link shows up enticing users to click on and be taken to a site loaded with they were looking for. This is merely a ruse as about 5,500 users found out. The virus picks up all of your browsers history and holds it hostage for about $10. It publishes the data and the money paid as ransom will get it unpublished. It’s a bit absurd that someone would go to this much trouble to make a few bucks and embarrass the daylights out of people. Nevertheless, I’m going to cut back a bit on those delicate searches from now on.

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