Japanese commuters get Apple Fruit Vending Machine

by Shalu Pillai

We love our apples and we mean the fruit, for a change. m.V.m has installed a fresh-apple vending machine for Tokyo commuters passing through Kasumigaseki subway station in the center of the city, and yes, they come peeled, cut and packaged. The vending machine follows their success with Dole’s banana vending machine in Shibuya last summer. Tucked away near one of the exits, a single chilled pack costs 190 yen ($2.30) for just three cuts or 80g. Hardly a bargain when a whole apple in Japan costs around 100 yen ($1.2). But hold on, because these aren’t just any apples. These are Aomori Prefecture fruits, without doubt the most famous region in Japan for apples, considered a luxury product by most city dwellers.

The company has set sales target up to 100,000 yen ($1,200) for one month, which might seem high but the apples have been a great success with slots usually sold out. Guess you cannot put a price on convenient, healthy lunch options.