Japanese student waits for two nights in the winter cold to own Sony PS4 in Japan

by dhiram

On February 22 Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in Japan. This is the first time that a gaming console was launched in its home country last. The much-anticipated Japanese launch came after the PS4’s stellar debut in the US and European markets. Sony sold more than 5.4 million PS4 units by the start of February, exceeding its own projections of selling 5 million units by end of March.
Sony_PS4_launch_Japan_customerThose who were hoping to be the first to get Sony’s newfangled next-gen console lined up at the Sony Building, located within the posh Ginza district of Tokyo, even two days before the launch date. Ryotaro Takanashi, an 18-year-old college student, waited for two nights in the winter cold to be the first in the pack to get hold of the PS4. “It felt so long. I couldn’t wait,” Takanashi said as he was in line with two friends.
Sony_PS4_launchAt midnight on February 22, the first 100 customers were given the privilege to take home the new video game console, putting those who lined up in the cold ahead of a nationwide mass release just a few hours later.

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