Japanese Inaba Denki introduces iTwins mobile battery for iPhone with numeric keypad

by bharat

Japan seems to be a breeding ground for unusual products we use and will use just for their sheer novelty and utility. There are many types of iPhone batteries that have come out of Japan, but this one from Inaba Denkisangyo is totally different. Called the iTwins, this one is a mobile battery for the iPhone which is equipped with a numeric keypad and can be used in the same way as a usual mobile phone. Scheduled to be released in August this year, the 5,000 yen mobile battery integrated with Bluetooth has pictogram buttons to facilitate text input.

The iTwins is rechargeable lithium polymer1590mAh battery which weighs in at about 70 grams and measures 95x53x12mm. Available in black and white colors, the iTwins battery that charges fully in 4 hours and offers 200 hours of standby time is compatible with iPhone 3GS and upwards (iPhone 4and 4S) and is also made to fit both gen iPads.


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