Japanese revelers choose hammock cafes to ‘hangout’

by Gareth Mankoo

Being laid back is no longer just a metaphorical reference to someone who likes taking things easy and procrastinates over every flimsy detail or decision in life. In Japan it’s taken much too literally with the hammock cafes. The country houses around four hammock cafes as of now and the trend is likely to catch up not only in the land of the rising sun but across the West as well. Some may argue that eating cake or swallowing down coffee may be awkward in a hammock but for all we know, these havens of relaxation may be the inspiration for those stunning ideas we see taking shape in Kapan every now and then.

If you plan a trip to Tokyo shortly then do not miss out on the Mahika Mano hammock cafe in the city. It is touted to be among the nation’s most popular ‘hangs’, literally.









[Via – Kotaku]

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