This Japanese dietary supplement will give you rose farts

by Gareth Mankoo

Japan is known to remedy the most basic problems of the world with simple, practical solutions. Now, braving the smell of farts is a rather disgusting and loathsome deal, but you never know when you unknowingly have to be subject to the cruelty. But then we have Japan solving this problem as well. A product has surfaced in the Land of the Rising Sun and it promises to replace the foul stench of farts with the smell of a flower garden. It happens to be a dietary supplement and we’re guessing that one capsule a day will fill the room you’re in with the smell of a thousand roses. Or something like that. Worth the fantasy, no? The ad of the product goes on to literally tell folk that they could now emit the scent of a rose garden from their ‘you-know-whats’.

The product is manufactured by Tsuitachi Pharmaceuticals and is aimed at working women. Well, if you brand the smell of your farts and make it something people easily identify with, doesn’t that give away who the serial-farter in the room always was?

[ Via : Rocketnews24 ]

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