Japanese army creates 15 meter Star Wars sculpture using 3,500 tons of snow

by Gareth Mankoo

Snow. Such a waste it could be. This perfectly semi-malleable material could be used to make so many things that could please the eye and senses. Well, it’s December 2015 and there’s one thing that really makes the headlines. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The 23 meter wide x 15 meter tall sculpture made entirely of snow you see here is made by none other than the Japanese army. The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade put in incredible effort and skills to create this sculpture of the dark side that shows Darth Vader in white and more appropriately, three snow-white Stormtroopers along his right. The really significant mention is the fact that the unit leverages a whopping 3,500 tons of snow to create this gigantic structure.

If you look closer you will also notice that the structure has a TIE fighter. That’s a lot of work. Now we wonder what will happen when 3,500 tons of snow melts away. That’s too much water from the dark side of the land of the rising sun.



[ Via : Likecool ]