Japan to introduce self-driving car tests next year

by Gareth Mankoo

Robot Taxi, a company from Japan has got everyone in the country excited with the announcement of their self-driven cars. The taxi service aims to be fully functional by 2020 but the testing will most likely commence next year. The company will target geographies where public transport is a popular option. The company even released an ad that showcased how folks like seniors can get greatly benefit from the service, in the future. There are some people waving at the cab as it moves by making the Robot Taxi feel proud and good and unicorn and candy-floss. The self-driving tests will be carried out with some human intervention, so that they can be rescued in cases of crisis.

robottaxi 2
While self-driving technologies are nothing new when it comes to the testing phase, we are sure that Japan will knick this by the 2020 deadline. We recently saw how California gave Honda the heads-up for their driverless testing while Google are planning to cook their very own self-driving experience for users.

[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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