Japan Display Kanade series brings a new user experience through images, aroma and sound

by Dhiram Shah

Japan Display has developed the “Kanade series“, providing a new experience, as a 5-sense device, with hearing, smelling and seeing, to realize JDI’s vision. The “Kanade series” is an interior home appliance which allows the control of the mood by switching image contents, aroma and sound, all at the same time. This appliance provides a personalized experience or daily comfort by producing image contents, aroma and sound to fit users mood. For example, you are able to readily enjoy a sense of remembering important moments of your hobbies, such as relaxing in nature, trips or outdoor experiences.

JDI in collaboration with Ginger Design Studio has come out with a simple design. It is small, and can be placed horizontally, being able to be used in the living room, house entry etc., as it doesn’t take up much space. Kanade series from Japan Display is scheduled for mass production from December 2019.

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