Jansport Audiopack

by Dhiram Shah

Have you ever thought of trekking and hiking while listening to your favorite tunes? You must even tried carrying your iPod to the mountains, but you might have not even dared to bring it out from your bag. What if my iPod falls? Well, Jansport in collaboration with Apple has designed an Audio backpack that will help you to fetch the ecstatic experience of adventure and music even on the hills! It has an integrated Jansport Live Audio Wire system that allows you to listen to your iPod via remote control built in the strap of the backpack. The remote control features 5 buttons that perform the usual functions of volume, forward, reverse, pause and play along with the option of Power-off. The “V-Loft Pocket” also holds your iPod securely. The remote control’s keypad and earphone cord management system are placed within the right strap of the backpack.

It also comes with “Airlift” suspension system, a shock absorbing gel that distributes weight evenly across your shoulders thus reducing the pressure by almost 50%.

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