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Jacuzzi on Mont-Blanc summit

by Dhiram Shah

At an altitude of 15771ft (4807m) the last thing on your mind will be to get out of your warm clothes and diving into the Jacuzzi. Well if you are a part of the Jaccuzzi Events, then this is what you will be doing! The group of people scaled the Mont-Blanc summit and held the event. What’s really crazy that at their previous event at the shore of Lake Geneva (where more than 70 people participated), winter Jacuzzi events have become wilder and more adventurous. With backpacks weighing more than 45 lb, the revelers reached the summit and conducted the event on September 13th 2007.
(take a look at the pictures after the break)

Regarding the pollution level, note that a jaccuzzi for 20 people heated from snow, is equivalent in fuel consumption to less than 10 minutes helicopter flight with 4 people.

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  1. William Dowell

    I’ve been up Mont Blanc, and lived there for two years. The last thing I want is people exploiting the mountains leaving crap like that. I sure hope they cleaned up properly. Before you know it people will be calling out emergency helecopters because they are stuck / cold etc from because of stupid things they are carrying. It’s a mountain, not a beech.~
    Oh, and Lake Geneva; There is no such place. AGHHHHHHHHHH. It’s Lake Leman!!


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