Jabra unveils two high-end audio accessories, the Jabra Step Wireless earbuds and Jabra Stealth mono Bluetooth headset

by Gavril Mankoo

When it comes to premium audio accessories, Jabra isn’t a name unknown. The manufacturer recently pulled out two new devices from its bag of tricks, the Jabra Stealth mono Bluetooth headset and the Jabra Step Wireless earbuds. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Week this week, the accessories are head-turners to say the least. The Jabra Stealth is the first headset to incorporate microPOWER™ technology. This helps reduce the overall size of the headset and boosts battery efficiency. All this is done without compromising the quality of sound. The Jabra Stealth will hit store shelves on the 8th of August, 2014.

The Jabra Step Wireless earbuds on the other hand are great for listening to music, playing games, taking and making calls. Given the fact that these are wireless, the Step earbuds also work great for those who travel a lot or use accessories like these in the gym. The earbuds are dust and water resistant and are a comfortable fit for long-term use. The angled earbuds give optimal sound flow without compromising on sound quality and are built keeping ergonomics in mind. The Jabra Step Wireless earbuds comes with a price tag of $69.99 and is packed with three different types of angled eargels as well.