Jabra Motion UC and Jabra Motion offer motion-sensitivity to headsets

by Gareth Mankoo

Jabra has announced its all new motion-sensitive series of headsets called the Jabra Motion Series. What this does is make use of motion sensors and microphones to monitor and react to the environmental situations intelligently. This is great for those who have suffered sudden volume rise simulations after entering a quiet room with headphones blaring. The sensors will help recognize and identify sound levels in the environment and respond to them actively. The Jabra Motion UC and the Jabra Motion form the series. The intelligent microphone will ensure basic advancements like rising volume when one goes from sitting in a place to moving about. These prove to be quite fascinating for a generation that’s constantly on the move. “We aim to help the mobile worker gain the full benefits from their mobile devices and UC solutions. It is our experience that one of the most important factors for users, embracing these communication platforms and devices, is the headset which bridges the gap between the users and the promise of efficiency and flexibility with sound,” said Jabra’s CEO, Mogens Elsberg.

The Jabra Motion Series is optimized for Microsoft Lync 2013. There is no word on the availability or the pricing of the series. We have to stay tuned for further elaborations on what both the models have to offer as well.


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