It’s the Superman Projection Clock to your rescue

by Dhiram Shah

Well like the rest I am a huge Superman fan. But you will never find me parading in blue tights with red underwear on the outside. The only thing that I patronize is the small trinket here and there or the comic books at the least. So when I came across the Superman Projection Clock, I was more than happy to lap up information about it. This is an alarm clock that will wake you up with the original Superman theme song. The time and the “S-sheild” symbol can be projected to the wall or ceiling. The big “S” symbol also doubles up as the snooze button. The clock also has a FM/AM radio system. Use a 9V battery (not included) for backup and the clock will keep telling the time even if you lose power.

The Superman AM/FM projection alarm clock is there on BestBuy website, and costs $19.99,

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