It’s looking good for Nintendo DS2 as more news confirms motion sensitivity for the device

by Shayne Rana

One of the reasons why the iPhone did so well is because of its ultra smooth accelerometer that was also fully functional with games. Naturally that tech had to spread as more games and devices began to incorporate this kind of functionality. But speaking of games, Nintendo’s DS2 is on the verge of discovery. Sure there are those lucky stiffs who get to to be testers for the gaming giant so all we have to contend with for now are rumors and hearsay. Nevertheless word on the ‘superhighway’ is that the new version of the DS, the DS2 will feature a motion sensor for games that will be built with this function in mind. That’s going to make it quite the device to beat so Sony better get cracking. The DS2 is under warps for now, but motion sensitive gaming support does seem like the next step. Bring it on!