Its finally happened – A law firm that specializes in Robot surgery injury claims

by dhiram

Even Sarah Connor could not have envisioned this, an ad for a firm that specializes in compensation for injury caused by robotic surgery.
We’re a law firm uniquely qualified to help. We are committed to helping victims of robot surgery receive the medical care and compensation they deserve. Additionally, we are committed to educating patients and doctors throughout the nation about the complications associated with robot surgery.
As both a lawyer and a licensed medical doctor, Dr. Francois Blaudeau has made it his mission to fight for the victims of traumatic complications as a result of botched robot surgery. With his extensive medical and legal knowledge, Dr. Blaudeau is uniquely qualified to seek justice for victims of medical negligence.

What’s next – Amendment in the motoring act to accommodate self driving cars the and the liabilities that arise should something go wrong?