iStand is Perfect Accessory for Swanky Nightclub Guestlists

by iona

It seems like just about everyone is trying to cash in on Apple’s iPad. You can wear it in a specially designed suit. You can wrap it up to look like an old book, or you can perch it on a folding stand. Now you can stick it on the top of a pole! The aptly named “iStand” is the product of Danish designers InSilico. It includes a space for a dock-cable and security bolts to prevent anyone running off with it too easily. It also comes with two apps for CMS (content management), iCatalogue and iMagazine (PDF display). The iStand is aimed at people who spend time browsing things whilst standing – customers looking at in-store catalogues and nightclub doormen, for instance.

No price tag has been put on the iStand as yet, but I am willing to place bets that you can rustle something up out of a piece of plastic piping for a fraction of the price.

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