Is this the new MacBook Pro?

by Dhiram Shah

An Apple product releases is preceded by tons of fake renderings and Photoshop jobs. If we take into account that it is not one of them, then it means the new MacBook Pros, expected to be unveiled October 14, have a few design changes:
1. It has a unique two-tone case. A first for Apple. The lid looks like it’s made of glossy black plastic, with an aluminum bottom.
2. The lid dispenses with hook clasps in favor of a magnetic latch mechanism, like current MacBooks.
3. There’s no multitouch sensitive “glass touchpad,”
The source which claims to be an employee of Apple’s design team shot this with a camera phone. The source also sent an unconvincing Apple Macbook Pro ad for the Apple website.
(Check out the ad after the jump)

[Cult of Mac]

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