Is it a tablet? Is it an e-reader? No it’s the Barnes & Nobel Color Nook, it’s for real

by Shayne Rana

Just a few days ago we had heard that Barnes & Noble were planning on announcing a new color e-reader that was going to be called the Color Nook, well as it turns out that’s quite true. The guys famous for selling books have just announced the device and it seems to have some really interesting specs. It’ll feature a 7-inch color touchscreen LCD (laminated) and will be running an Android OS. You’ll also be able to access social networks like Facebook and twitter and even watch videos on the device. A function called Nook Friends allows you share stuff like quotes and books with others on the net. Other apps include Pandora, access to Google and Wikipedia, a few games and even a contacts manager. So all its missing is a phone.

Sources are also saying that even with all the connectivity, there’s no Android market to get more apps. The Color Nook also comes with a microSD card reader and Wi-Fi. Word is, even though it may have more features than Amazon’s now famed, Kindle, it’s a bit larger, .12-inches thicker. The pricing hasn’t been confirmed just yet but it’s estimated at about $250 and it’s due to hit the streets on November 19th. Its just shy of being in the tablet or phone category so I guess it really is an e-reader with benefits then.

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