Is this the smartest Air-conditioner in the world?

by Gareth Mankoo

Hitachi has released what could be the world’s smartest air-conditioning system. The stainless-clean Makoun X Series will come all in white, with a cooling capacity of 9 kW. This could well be the most intelligent air conditioner out there with a pre-fitted camera that cools in the most appropriate fashion. Many AC installation mechanics carefully gauge the room size, the kind of furniture and the shape of the living space, before installing or recommending an air conditioner to you. The Makoun air conditioner doesn’t really need this research. It comes with an array of cameras that can identify the floor to ceiling height of the room, the number of obstacles to cooling, such as things in the room, as well as the material of the floor. If you’re one to take barefoot strolls at night, your feet will be greeted by a floor that is surprisingly warm, while the air above is cool and filtered. Thanks to the capabilities of this air conditioner.

The idea of a thermal camera in an air-conditioner automatically reflects on how advanced the future of cooling could be. The air conditioner is available at a range from 240,000 Yen ($1985) to 410,000 ($3390).



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