Iron Man Briefcase Will Make You the Butt of Office Jokes

by iona

If my boss were to walk into the office carrying this briefcase, I would lose every shred of respect I ever had for him. This Iron Man replica suitcase is every inch of the movie character it represents, but you could not seriously buy this, carry it and expect anyone not to think you had gone mad. New from Entertainment Earth, the Iron Man briefcase is bright red and silver, and made from aluminum. It has a leather interior, custom molded lazer-cut EVA foam and rubber seal to protect your top secret documents. The only reason you may actually buy this is because it is a limited edition piece of only 1,000. Despite this fact, it is a ridiculous accessory and hugely overpriced. Was the film really that good? If it were a Star Wars briefcase, however….

The briefcase will lighten your bank balance by $459.99. If you are still interested, you can get it now online.