iRock: An iOS device charging chair

by Gareth Mankoo

We have come across a lot of weird Apple accessories but an iRock is quite a masterpiece. Micasa Lab, a Zurich enterprise innovated a solution to charge iPad and the iPhone while converting potential energy to kinetic by simply rocking a chair. This chair allows you to stay fit while working out your abs and simultaneously charging your iOS devices – iPad, iPhone and their speakers. iRock is a handmade product from a distinct variety of Swedish Oak that not only looks classy but also is useful. It can charge upto 35% of battery with an hour of rocking. The fine fixing mechanism allows you to plug your iOS devices to the dock on the hand rest.

Guess who is eyeing this rocking product, Android but the only hinge is that it allows only a 30pin dock. iRock is estimated to sell for $1685 in the American Market.

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