Iris 9000 takes Siri to your entire room!

by Gareth Mankoo

When the Siri was incorporate in the iPhone 4S and introduced to the masses, we were so taken aback by its efficiency that we pretty much overlooked the fact that it was necessary to hold it up front, near your mouth. That’s why some smart moves and a few ideas from ThinkGeek have brought about the usefulness of the Iris 9000 that allows you to take Siri out of the closed pocket of communication that it is in, and into a wider arena for use, your room. Simply connect your iPhone 4S to the device and use the micro remote to trigger Siri. What you do get is the flexibility to use Siri from up to 50 feet away. Also, to make sure that you can hear the responses from Siri, there’s a speaker that amplifies the sound.

The Iris 9000 seems to be the first of many accessories in this genre. It will be available for $60, once released.