iRecorder records live content into your iPod without a computer

by mohsin

Owning a media player has all its frills, music wherever you like, videos wherever you like, but recording is not a functionality that every player has, the iPod does not have it. Don’t you wish that you could somehow capture some new movie or series you see at your friend’s place? Meet the iRecorder, this nifty little gadget will record from analog TV, cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or your Camcorder. If there is a RCA jack output from your source, you can plug it into the iRecorder’s AV-IN jack. There is also an AV OUT for you to work in reverse and play your iPod video on a larger screen. The USB jack lets you plug in your iPod and store your recorded video directly onto it.

The iRecorder is compatible any other USB device media device that can play MPEG4 files, this little do it all wonder will set you back $190.

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