iPod-compatible pillow sings you a new lullaby you want

by Gareth Mankoo

I’ve always had a problem, trying to drift away to undisturbed slumber with my favorite Eagles tracks strumming my senses. But then, with the whole possibility of leaving a music player on all night and waking up at 3 AM for the customary leak, and foraging through buttons only to end up going back grumpily to bed seemed quite cumbersome. Thank goodness for this wirelessly connecting pillow that plays songs from your iPod or MP3 player. This may not be the first battery-powered pillow but you really wouldn’t dig in for details as far as novelty goes with it. A couple of AA batteries will do the trick and turning it off is completely dependant on how well you know your iPod controls, even while in REM.

The musical pillow will cost you just under £25 (around $39). Oh, and it’s affective against drowning out snores as well. It is compatible with all 3.5 mm media players.

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