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iPod vending machines rake in the moolah

by Dhiram Shah

An iPod Vending Machine! This is among those one liners which make me feel like holding a gun to my head and sorrowfully announcing, “I’ve seen everything”. Have iPods become so easy-to-buy that purchasing them is as easy as getting some morning coffee or Coke. If you feel this is all a joke then how about this: the Atlanta Journal Constitution claimed that a single iPod vending machine sold a large number iPods that totally amounting to 55,000 dollars in a single month. Yes, we used to kick and fiddle with vending machines as kids with hope of grabbing an extra gumball or two. But however, this is a limit. Imagine what people are capable of doing to a vending machine that spat out something so hot. The success of this concept will make iPod vending machines an epidemic, at least in the US if not around the globe.

Yes, there is a price to pay for it as well; an additional tax has to be used to top your typical $349 in order to make this cool buy. Still not seen one in action check it out here.

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