iPod Touch 3rd Gen could get retina display and camera and front facing camera, fingers crossed

by Shayne Rana

It would be foolish to think that Apple wouldn’t be incorporating most of their new goodies found in the iPhone 4 into the next gen iPod Touch. So what are we talking about here? Retina display, check, camera check, iOS4 check and double check. Of course Apple hasn’t really made any official iPod 3rd gen announcement just yet, but they do have a trend we could set clocks by. Processing power would also be upped I’m sure, but it’s not like the last one wasn’t fast enough as it is so I’m not sure much faster it can get. Hopefully we’ll see Bluetooth file-transfer and A2DP make it and perhaps a front facing camera as well for Skype video calls. So before I get too excited, I think I’ll just wait a bit longer till Apple makes their announcement.

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