i-Pocket (iPod Mini in Akihabara)

by Dhiram Shah

Continuing after the iPod shuffle knock-offs, this time a knock-off of the iPod mini has appeared in Akihabara. It is called the “i-Pocket,” and while the color and shape are exactly the same, it has an additional 4 buttons. Furthermore, the storage is, rather than a hard drive, a memory card of some sort. We found it at “Creperie Internet Building” for the actual retail price of 13,618 yen.The device consists of using a memory card such as a Memory Stick, SD card, or Memory Stick Duo instead of a hard drive. Supported formats, according to the manual, are “MPEG-1/2/2.5 Layer3, WMA, WMV.” It also features a voice-recording function, and o­n the body, has “MENU,” “A-B,” “REC,” and “POWER” buttons. It weighs 100 grams.

Taken via Techjapan

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